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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] spend several hundred thousand dollars to buy new shoes, wearing a few days or unglued or parts damage, find shops theory, the other is always pulled out for various reasons only willing to repair rebate does not change. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the day before yesterday, the reporter from the City of Industry, 12315 command Complaint Center has learned that as of July 20, this year, the center received a total of 2,907 complaints involving footwear advice. Which involves a lot of brand shoes, including Belle, Nike, Converse, special steps, Daphne. In recent years, the issue has become a daily hot footwear complaints in the complaint. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; However, due to old footwear "Three Guarantees" lag, the new regulations and has not yet been introduced, difficult to resolve such disputes. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Shoes "open", stones off can not be returned & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; June 11, consumers Miss Choi in Jianghan District One the mall to buy a pair of his shoes her, worth 389 yuan. She wore less than two hours, was found on the upper stones fall down. She found the business demands the return, the other party has said, diamond is the ornament, the category does not belong to the quality problems, can only repair can not be returned. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In early July, the public Miss Yuan in Optical Valley Daphne a mall to buy a pair of shoes, spent 300 yuan. Wearing long shoes, shoelaces cut off, and a large area of ??the soles unglued. Ms. Yuan to the store to get shoes theory, the clerk explained that this pair of shoes with the green plastic, once wet, easy to fall off, but also suggested that she hides when they go out the best package napkins or small towel, shoes soiled with water and quickly dry. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; merchants say that using the word "national standard" & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In recent days, the reporter visited many footwear business discovery , "three guarantees" clause shoe makers commitment varies, but everyone says is based on "national standard" operation. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; within Lingjiaohu a mall, "Wong Mei", "Focus Girl", "Dickson Lu" and other counter clerk are committed, such as wearing new shoes or purchase within a week After wearing little damage, responsible for refunding, replacement within two months in charge. But "How much damage is called" The clerk did not specifically say. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "Laiersidan" counters teller said that within three months the brand shoe repair, replacement within two months, due to their own quality shoes, there will be no warranty is Great quality problems, and therefore does not return. The teller was said that these "three guarantees" are "in accordance with national uniform standards" to the. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; for the business call "national standard", a staff member "12315" Complaint Center do not agree: Shoes dispute resolution is based mainly footwear "Three Guarantees", and footwear "three guarantees" no state regulations, are the respective local governments, where the "three guarantees" requirement. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; yesterday, "12315" complaint center staff told reporters that the shoes are everyday consumer products in the consumables, the daily volume of complaints forward merchandise category. Consumers mainly reflects the quality of the shoes themselves, accessories damage or loss, and uncomf cheap jordans ortable to wear and other issues. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Currently, the city is still in use in 1995 introduced the "Wuhan footwear products" three guarantees "Interim Measures" to this year has been 16 years. Compared with the current development of the footwear industry, the old "three guarantees" approach is extremely lag. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; for example, female models now for the sake of good-looking shoes will be the placement of a lot of decorations, but the old "three guarantees" requirement has simply not involved. And the old three packs itself, there are many problems. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; such as the old "three guarantees" to consumers return requirements are particularly stringent regulations from the sale of merchandise and other issues appear off to help 7 days, it can not be returned, only free replacement. Only in the absence of the same model shoe, before allowing returns; in the return, consumers have to pay depreciation. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In addition, within the shoes in March, non-natural leather shoes in January, found fault with, out with, off-line, unglued and other quality problems, all repairable are free repair. That is, even a thousand dollars of shoes, there have been broken with such serious quality problems, as long as the repair, you can not return or exchange. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The staff member said, "Three Guarantees" lagging, is an important reason for the dispute is difficult to mediation. Prior said it would introduce new Wuhan footwear "three guarantees" approach also has not been introduced. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; This reporter learned that, last March, a number of media reports, Wuhan City Consumers Association has proposed a new footwear "three guarantees" provisions of the first draft of the new regulations is expected in month introduced. However, to date, the new regulations still no audio. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 20 am, the reporter interviewed on the matter of money in Wuhan City Consumers Association and the Secretary-General. The Secretary-General Qian told reporters that the new footwear Three Guarantees, he did not know, and three bags nor preliminary draft prepared by the Consumers Association, "We can only play a catalytic role, warranty provisions shall be quality supervision, industry and commerce bureau and other relevant law enforcement departments to develop. " & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; other money the Secretary-General told reporters, now ready to proceed to the associations start the" big three "concept," will be expanded to three packs of catalog electronic , retail, automotive and other fields " & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Wuhan Product Quality Supervision, Inspection and leather station official said, last year, the station had been on the new shoes." submit three guarantees "too a discussion paper, and handed over to the business sector. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The City of Industry, Bureau of Consumer Protection Department official that the "three guarantees" not unilaterally drawn by the business sector. a heard thunder & middot; Aaron will decide whether it will join a playoff team for the total champion dream to fight once again in full after the game, which makes us can not help but sigh time where to go. Once upon a time, 96 gold generation shook the alliance, now the only remaining of is the free player status of thunder & middot; Allen, due to injury season reimbursement again Kobe and has been in the semi jordan 3 katrina 2018 retired Nash only. time never because people and sad it slows down the flow, let hero twilight at the same time also recorded their immortal legend. Let us through with ray · Allen spend a lot of high light moments of shoes, to recall the "gentleman ray" of the legend. Jordan Air 5'PE'Retrohigh light moment: to get the highest career 54 points. Jumpman Pro IIJordanhigh light moment: the first time wearing Jordan Team shoes. Air Max UptempoNikehigh light moment: NCAA won the big east Championship winner. Jordan Air 11'PE'Retrotime: 10/29/2013 high light moment: to accept the second NBA Championship ring. Jordan XXI'PE'Airhigh light moments: breaking the record of three points in a single season. Air Hawk FlightNiketime: 05/01/1998 high light moment: Denzel and · Washington singled out. Jordan XX8'PE'Airhigh light moment: in the NBA finals sixth games into the key three points. Jordan Air 6'PE'Retrohigh light moment: with the United States to win the first summer Olympic games. Jordan Air 11'PE'Retrohigh light moment: to accept the first NBA Championship ring. Jordan Air 13'PE'Retrohigh light moment: to break the NBA history to throw into the three minute record. when the identification of hot line of guest shoes, to support Ma fight against fakes!! Download the installation and grab a shoe artifact APP-- immediately when the guest artifact!! WeChat search "dunkhome", open the WeChat service number to the lower right corner can be downloaded and installed!! source: sole in recent years, Nike has been moving out of classic shoes, and its classic retro shoes, Air, Huarache, LE, are also on the list. The NIKE is planning to launch a new color of the Air Huarache LE, the stone grey suede shoes shoes material constitute the main body, with black tongue, midsole and heel. This color is now in some foreign designated stores to accept reservations, like friends can pay attention to. since its creation, Ransom has been famous for its unique visual angle and avant-garde touch. The store, which runs around Canada, is dedicated to bringing together customers from all over the world who are well versed in the trend of the road, and its chosen brand complements its focus on image and lifestyle. Ransom shapes himself in the process of change and seeks new products with greater originality, and never stops in a static life. In the spring of 2012, Ransom by Adidas Originals will take us to Casco Viejo to explore. Our trip through Panama left a lot of stories worth sharing with friends. The country is diverse and diverse, with modern cities, as well as tropical rainforests. Panama is Ransom by Adidas Originals spring 2012 this series of inspiration source, we want to convey a belief that is out of the urban jungle, walk on the vast nature. Go forward, without end. This is not only a slogan, but also a way of life. We are introducing these perfect and challenging products to encourage people to get out of their familiar surroundings. This range of products includes our ideas and beliefs, with personality as the dominant factor. Show the uniqueness and beauty of the product.Nike LeBron 11 Elite Hero hero series released officially unveiled the double elite version of the Nike Lebron 11 mystery. This time, looking for a long time Nike LeBron 11 Elite finally released HD picture, compared to the ordinary version of the original LeBron 11 Elite, the continuation of the avant-garde design originally, but the bigge Cheap air jordans for sale st difference is the use of the design is relatively low for the gray, red and black color and on behalf of the Miami heat show. As James's signature boots, naturally also very focused on the tenacity of the shoes, so the elite version will be equipped with lighter, sleek and sturdy Hyperposite and Flywire shoe body structure, coupled with the full force of the feedback Zoom sole, adding impetus to the heat shock three consecutive tour. This shoe will be officially on sale in October this year, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. item: 642846-001Release date: a-closer-look-at-the-nike-lebron-11-elite-1.jpg (78.98 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-4-4 13:03 upload a-closer-look-at-the-nike-lebron-11-elite-2.jpg (206.91 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-4-4 13:03 upload a-closer-look-at-the-nike-lebron-11-elite-3.jpg (88.2 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-4-4 13:03 upload a-closer-look-at-the-nike-lebron-11-elite-6.jpg (144.12 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-4-4 13:03 upload a-closer-look-at-the-nike-lebron-11-elite-4.jpg (127.64 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-4-4 13:03 upload Midwest's first national design center is expected to settle in Chengdu. The reporter learned from the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce recently, for help with leather shoes and other traditional labor-intensive industries from "made in Chengdu" to "Chengdu create", make the products more competitive in the international market, at present, Chengdu city has officially submitted to the Ministry of Commerce on the construction of the "Application report of the national design center the location, location, setting on the center carried out a detailed plan, the expected final results will end early next year officially announced. will provide support for the upgrading of the city's footwear industry "at present, the design industry as a modern service industry, a new type of industry, has been a large number of direct services to the manufacturing industry, and even penetrated into all walks of life."." The Municipal Bureau of Commerce Foreign Trade Department official said in an interview with reporters, specific to the footwear industry, Chengdu shoes in the future whether to expand the international market, and based on the domestic market, the design is a key link to help them from the OEM export to the creation of its own brand, and this is precisely by a single enterprise especially small the enterprise strength is very difficult to do, "to this end, we apply the construction of" national design center ", will not only help the integration to promote Chengdu local manufacturing industry and service industry development, to get rid of the situation of the low value-added industries, promote industrial products export and upgrade, will become a platform for open service in the western region, promote western industrial upgrading and accelerate development, is the objective need of further promoting the development of the western region." it is reported that the national design center to innovation as the driving force, to enhance brand competitiveness, promote the rapid development of foreign trade as the goal, the integration of city resources, strengthen Chengdu as a fashion capital of the brand image and the ability of independent innovation, with international designer resources, lower the production capacity of enterprises, in t cheap foamposites he domestic and foreign channels formed by market demand, the design of market practice service chain; industrial design led to the national design center to create a successful modern design innovation service platform available, considerate service, and has extensive influence in domestic and international, to promote enterprise independent innovation, to create a large number of independent intellectual property rights international the well-known brand, enhance the value-added products manufacturing enterprises, the establishment of international standards and design industry operating environment, to become the Chengdu modern service The core of the industry system, and then become the national design industry development demonstration base. the design center has six core functions, : the reporter learned that the current national design center in the incubation period is to be located in the Western wisdom Valley located in Wuhou Industrial Park, Chengdu, Wuhou District. Covers an area of about 750 acres, three years will provide 100 thousand square meters of office space for business use. In addition, there will be 116 thousand square meters of comprehensive service facilities for enterprises to settle down New Balance this season; to bring a new "White Instinct" series for us. The double ML574 in the design of full use of high quality leather to make shoes, shoelaces, and together with the side of the word "N", followed by Logo, lining, ENCAP midsole and rubber outsole to clear a neat white cover, the other is the refreshing summer all-match preferred. The shoes are now available at KITH NYC, priced at $$90. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! God Beckham bromance destroyed three concept underwear parody movies! the main character in the popular MV is these shoes! What brand of Korean and European and American stars like it? 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A type of Nike Air Max in the green, 90 Ultra Breeze Scenery "Green" color Recently New Balance of a 99X retro series models and detonated a topic, but earlier and well-known magazine "Sneaker Freaker" launched M998 Tassie Devil version, Sarcophilus Australia take Tasmania area as the theme, the devils nicknamed the "devil" as inspiration, with the most representative purple black the tone, attracted attention of many fans. In fact, there are also some purple black color as the dominant theme of the style, do not know if you have the impression, but also to some of the devil, some of it is just a coincidence, if you forget, now to help you recall, is the way to prepare for the start of the friends to provide more choice. earlier New Balance and Sneaker Freaker coo cheap air jordans peration M998 Tassie Devil 1.M576 Purple Devil , of course, SOLEBOX's Purple Devil series, M576 is one of the most popular among them, the pure demon color is absolutely the first choice. 2.M1500 Purple Devil is SOLEBOX Purple Devil to color series, some will feel that the version of M1500 is the best looking, but also Different people, different views.! 3.MT575 Purple Devil , who called SOLEBOX out so much, is still their home cooperation, this time is M575, compared to the top two models to cool down, but the color is still pure. 4.M1500 The Finals is about to have bad breath, sorry or SOLEBOX, is still M1500, two of which is less popular, perhaps purple black area is smaller. 5.M1500 EBP is not SOLEBOX at all, but the regular series, but still M1500, seems to have chosen a lot of purple and black M1500. 6.M1500 PBW ... Accept the fact that there are so many similar colors in this model. 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Enjoy some of the most good final price to acquire the top quality Nike Atmosphere Max 3 Golf affords comprehensive Nike Breeze Fatmus,jordans for women, like Nike Area Greatest extent 90 High heel sandals,new jordans for kids, Nike Ticket Fatmus 91 Shoes, Nike O2 Greatest extent Ninety five Clogs, Nike Flight Potential 97 Place,nike jordans for men, Nike Breeze Max Three hundred sixty Runners. recently, many brands in the twentieth session of the meeting of wind and clouds China SportShow, from Voight and the "2008 battle" theme to showcase the "ship" theme, has become a major highlight of the scene, attracted many participants of the eye, to visit and negotiate them in a continuous line, forming a beautiful scenery. Voight, chairman Mr. Cai Jinhui said: Voight's unique "ship" theme, not only is the pursuit of a more creative visual effect, mark Voight formally embarked on a "build Chinese basketball journey; carrier" 07/ 08 "movement" facing the opportunities and challenges Voight has many advantages, integration of resources, fully prepared, by virtue of innovation and dedication of Voight, Voight China "basketball achievement carrier" dreams will come true! build shoes in the spirit of shipbuilding; for many years, Voight has always adhered to the "shipbuilding to build the spirit of shoes" quality concept. In their eyes, shipbuilding is a professional engineering, footwear is also a professional engineering, they will each pair of shoes as a "work" -- each pair of finished shoes, into the rich connotation of "Seiko quality, excellent design, exquisite technology, exquisite workmanship and careful protection. as a company with 15 years of experience in the production of professional sports shoes, sporting goods manufacturers, Voight not only has a world-class shoe-making equipment and technology, behind every pair of shoes, but also the care of Voight and the ultimate consumers of thoughtful nuanced, 6000 professional the workers, 10 owned Italy production line, 200 processes and 300 detection, 3300 turn sole wear-resisting test 60000 times -20 winding test...... It may be hard for consumers to imagine such a mammoth project just to make a pair of good shoes! Voight every year invested for product development and materials innovation, regular training, international famous Hungarian top designers, fully computerized products R & D, Voight together to create professional, fashionable product style, the achievements of the Voight research and development of products of high quality and fast speed, with 50% NEW Voight quarterly the progress of development, way ahead in the same industry. at the same time, Voight also with KAPPA, CONVERSE, FILA, POWER, DISNEY and other large international companies to cooperate, in materials, technology and applications has always been in the forefront of the industry. On the one hand, Voight absorbs international sporting goodsArgentina is planning to issue price control mechanisms in leather, footwear and leather products in order to promote consumption and production output in various sectors of the country after the formulation of the Ahora12 programme. the Argentina government is planning to issue price control mechanisms in leather, footwear and leather products in order to promote consumption and production output in various domestic sectors after the formulation of the Ahora12 programme. in early 2014, the government of Argentina on the introduction of the Ahora 12 program, the program is actually one of the measures taken by the government to promote their products to the consumer, so as to promote trade, employment and the development of domestic production. with the implementation of the Ahora 12 program, consumers involved in the purchase of footwear products, leather products, building materials can swipe credit cards and interest free installments of the program store. more than 12, 000 businesses took part in the project; the merchants posted signs in their store windows. The event, which will continue until the end of December, will be carried out by government agencies, private enterprises and credit card companies. : according to information released by the Ministry of industry in Argentina, as of April, the effective data show that since the program was announced, the consumer incentive mechanism brings 8 million 500 thousand of the transaction amount. The main trading products are clothing, footwear and leather goods. Argentina's industry minister Dé Bora Giorgi has so far confirmed that sales of leather and footwear products are second, with monthly revenues of fourth. From the sales point of view, the clothing trade revenue reached 5 billion 719 million pesos, footwear and leather products revenue reached A $17.44 billion. recently, the Minister of industry also said the government intends to implement price control mechanisms on leather, footwear and leather products. Part of the government's aim is to control the export of leather, such as leather raw materials, which are sold to other markets rather than to the Argentina domestic market. Argentina footwear industry association official said: "we hope that these measures as soon as possible, while Argentina is one of the main exporter of leather, but the domestic market price of leather are higher than the price of exports." Remarks: 1 Argentina peso =0.69 yuan; 1 yuan =1.44, Argentina Peso (responsible editor: Asian shoes industry)