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Nike boots exclusive sports player Yi Jianlian exposure 2009-11-26 10:22:52 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: Qianlong] Print & nbsp; Close & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network] we want to show this Skyposite, is a NIKE team specifically for the New Jersey Nets' Chinese forward Yi Jianlian (Yi Jianlian) tailored players do not note masterpiece. This pair of shoes the whole war was white, and blue and red embellishment phase contrast, the word can also be found on the tongue red Yi (Yi), it is striking eye-catching. I do not know if you've noticed, the entire shoe exterior looks with the US Olympic basketball team Queen sneaker style is very similar, the American people enough to witness the love and worship of Yi Jianlian. Related newsAir Jordan XXX "Black" is expected to be on sale in April 16, 2016, initially priced at $200. Known as the Air Jordan XXX earth strongest boots, also in the NBA stadium has been recognized. so, here comes the question. Do you think the primary color is good or black? 2012-8-23 09:00 upload download attachment (144.41, KB) Nike Air Foamposite version of the "psychic boy" has become the new hope this year must get hot shoes and customized version will no cheap jordans t give up its theme designer to launch new shoes to the custom designer SmoothTip with "psychic boy" is inspired by the classic Nike LeBron 9 shoes, launched a new design the new "ParaDunkman", this kind of shoes are mainly black color, with the light patterns and colors to decorate the shoe body, at the same time collocation green fluorescent signature LOGO Swoosh, tongue, followed by Dunkman Logo and the crystal color midsole and outsole decorative embellishment, dark Swoosh and Dunkman followed by Logo also issued a luminous the effect of cold. This was the creative detail that Nike Air Foamposite did not expect before the psychic boy. 2012-8-23 09:00 upload and download attachments (104.71 KB) 2012-8-23 09:00 upload and download attachments (96.12 KB) 2012-8-23 09:00 upload and download attachments (109.3 KB) 2012-8-23 09:00 upload and download attachments (103.65 KB) recently, Jordan Brand is very keen to release wearing shoes for the whole family, from large to small, various sizes of complete Air Jordan boots, very tempting for the shoes fans. For example, will be on the shelves recently, Air Jordan 4 "Motorsport" road color, black, blue and gray combination of colors is very easy to match, it is suitable for the whole fami jordan 3 katrina 2018 ly wearing oh. Click here for purchase. Palace has been a good play Flower brand in their own logo, 2017 spring and summer series of new Tri-Ferg Logo overwhelmed by exposure has attracted the innumerable trendsetter on the Internet recently stopped, and the exposure of the new season single product spy, printing colorful it is suitable for the upcoming summer. For follow-up, please lock L7 reports.Nike Air Trainer Huarache Low new color is now available for sale at 2015-09-23 16:18:58 Nike for its popular shoes Air Trainer Huarache Low launched a new color matching, this time to the classic black and white color based tone, low-key but not lose the flavor of the trend. The shape design is very ancient, now we meet for the shoes of the demand point, and so flattering color to make you willing to pay! It is reported that the shoes have been landed in some shops, interested friends may wish to pay attention to it. Nike Misplaced Checks Christmas Pack Christmas series charm debut 2015-12-07 14:35:20 with Christmas approaching, sports shoes market is also eager to prepare to hit a "Christmas Storm", Nike days before the launch of the Christmas series, the series consists of: Nike Air Max 90 Nike Blazer and two pairs of shoes. Each pair o jordan shoes online sale f shoes are white and red throughout the building, which contains the sole crystal red green sequins brighten, each pair of shoes are the last to be metal lining, injecting a gorgeous atmosphere for shoes, each pair of shoes the Christmas atmosphere is very strong, bright colors very lovable. It is reported that the team of Nike "Christmas" series will grow, and the interested friends may wish to pay more attention to it. & nbsp; Adidas originals recently re classic shoes Stan Smith release on a pair of new pony hair "collegiate navy" version. Minimalist shoe body this time replaced by combination of leather and horse hair and new outer bottom, with dark blue tones inspire luxury beauty. Finally, of course, also do not forget to use the iconic white outsole for ending. Priced at about $$144, the shoe models have been purchased through Allike and other designated stores. (Editor: kook) & nbsp; as ambassador for adidas originals ZX flux, Wu Yifan earlier to Adidas Shanghai headquarters after the market commissioner "addiction. Inauguration day, he also accepted the quick answer interview. In front of the camera and tricky funny "problem, the new generation of young idol witty answer, about their idols Pharrell Williams, shape wear take exper cheap air jordans ience, preferring starred role" serious "topic. While talking about like his "high color value troubled" easy topic, Wu Yifan exhibition funny to, "humility" answer let people simmer with laughter. You can learn more through the video to the popular niche. (Editor: YOYO)[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] local time on January 14, the German sports brand Puma SE official website issued a statement, 47-year-old Volfango Bondi appointed as Managing Director Europe, successfully replaced the 49-year-old leaving Sergio Bucher , to take effect. Volfango Bondi will work in Puma headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany, reporting to Chief Business Hall Stefano Caroti. Volfango Bondi Puma will be responsible for optimizing the efficiency of the business model in Europe, Puma in German-speaking Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Spain, the United Kingdom and Union Economique Benelux Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg), seven regions of France, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Italy, will report directly to Volfango Bondi. The statement said: Italians Volfango Bondi joined in 2009, Puma, latest position was director of worldwide sales, has 20 years of sports brand management experience, he has a unique understanding of the r Cheap foamposites for sale etail sector in the retail business strategy and management aspects have experience. Prior to joining Puma, Volfango Bondi in Nike Italy and Europe held sales executive positions. Last December 12, the luxury goods group PPR (PRTP.PA) official website announced, announced that its shares accounted for 82.4% of Puma SE Puma CEO Franz Koch will be the end of 2013 3 departure, the message and Analysts did not cause shock, on the contrary, as stated earlier, Puma old one finally turned over. In addition to the departure Puma CEO Franz Koch said Puma spring next year, looking for a new alternative, also will be leaving by the end of Chief Operating Officer Klaus Bauer and Chief Marketing Officer Antonio Bertone and not looking for a replacement plan. 3 months before the deadline on September 30 of, Puma third-quarter profit fell 85.1 percent, fell to 12.2 million euros, 15.3 million US dollars together. For the first nine months of this year, net profit fell 42.8 percent, to 112.8 million euros, 144.6 million US dollars together. It plans to close about 80 stores, primarily in mature markets. Further advantageous market will continue to open stores, mainly in emerging markets. The company expects by the end of 2013, about 540 stores worldwide, currently the figure was 590. US investment institutions Susquehanna Financial analyst Christopher Svezia of Finance and Economics, said: Although Puma Puma has been trying to do the right thing, but because of the company's internal business over dispersion, resulting in performance decline. Over a period of time, Puma Puma need to figure out these issues within the company, in order to continue to recover and grow profits. Christopher Svezia added that road, "Puma Puma sales encounter a problem, partly also due to the continued downturn in the European market and the Chinese market challenges due to the increase". Barclays luxury research analyst Julian Easthope believe, Puma Puma previously announced 400 million euros in 2015's "Strikes Back" sales plan will face backwards. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)Tim · Donagi, the four major U.S. sports occupation League first because of involvement in illegal soccer gambling and was put into prison referee, eventually sentenced to imprisonment for 15 months. Imprisoned during house, and there is no idle Donaghy, he completed the autobiography "whistle: NBA fraud culture", the book chronicles the NBA all the non. The original book was released in November the publisher suddenly announced the cancellation of publishing plan in a few days ago, the reason is may lead to legal trouble. Yesterday, the site Deadspin disclosed the book details, no one to confirm authenticity, people just know him with its 10 years of law enforcement of the NBA's identity and experience, a not for ordinary people know the NBA world bloody show in front of the world. hit the first few games, the League say. "This series of will make 3 more than 3, then the better team will win game 7." 2002 the Lakers to the king the Western Conference finals, is a typical controlled ugly. Five games before the king with 3 than 2 leading the Lakers, Game 6 of the referees (bavetta, Delaney and Bourne Hardt) just selected, other referees immediately know this series tournament play in Game 7 of the. It is good for the league, it is good for the TV, and it is good for the game. Oh, one more thing: it's great for the Losangeles Lakers, the bigger the market and the star. bavetta also openly said that coalition game 7: "if we beneficial to those series game behind the team whistled, and no one will complain. The series will be 3 to 3, and a better team will win the game 7." In the game, the Lakers were sent to the free throw line over and over again, and the king was reversed. 2002~2003 before the end of the season two weeks, bavetta and I discussed the Nuggets and the Spurs game, winning or losing is sufficient to affect whether or not the Nuggets in the playoffs. Bavetta said: "if the nuggets can not enter the playoffs will be harmful to the management team and the league." I was thinking about how to beat the Nuggets spurs on the road, the Spurs are the undisputed teams. Bavetta said before I asked him: "Duncan will be in the opening 5 minutes of the game because of the 3 foul off." Bavetta then told me to give him such a game for a specific purpose distribution this is not the first time the alliance. Kobe is often affected by the referee to take care of Kobe made "two, we pay attention to...... If he appeared in a scramble foul, give the foul on other players." a Raja & middot; bell (of the Phoenix Suns, now playing for the Bobcats) has been a defensive specialist, was hailed as the "star stopper", he can make a super star player misfiring Bryant always under the relentless defense of bell misalignment. Do you think the alliance will love a strong defensive end? Think again! Star stoppers hurt superstar commercial promotion, the ball.